The majority of our customers chose a sugarpaste covering for their cakes, which suits themed and specialty carved cakes.  We use a premium sugarpaste which is a little less sweet than most and if you would like it flavoured, let us know when ordering.  If you prefer  an elegant buttercream cake without sugarpaste, just let us know!  

We use a variety of skills & different mediums to enhance and decorate our cakes including Airbrushing, Stencilling, Gilding with lustre, silver or gold leaf. We use Cake Lace, Edible imaging, Modelling chocolate, Sugar, Chocolate, Sprinkles, edible sequins, chocolates, macrons, chocolate drips, edible paints and many more edible mediums to decorate your cake they way you want it.

Our Sugar and Wafer paper flowers are all made in-house and can be as subtly or bold as you wish.

We are often asked to model a likeness of the recipient or provide a particular character model on the top of the cake, we are happy to so do Copyright laws permitting.

Whether you want your cake decorated with a simple elegant look, a classic style celebration cake, a themed, or illusion cake, your colours subtle or bold, your cake with a few decorations or exploding with activity, perhaps a carved novelty cake, a remote controlled car or an owl with a moving head, or handbag you can carry etc. We can decorate your cake with flair.

Ruffle Cake with guilded Lustre accents

Teddy Bear Slippers