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Chief Taster & Cake Chauffeur

Chief taster and long suffering partner!  Andy's support roles include chases last minute supplies, carrying and chauffeuring cakes, and on high pressure days he quietly supplies the tea & coffee - Just when its needed!  Its fair to say Andy is a crucial member of the team.

Robin Boswel

Shop Supervisor

Marry girl cake is a traditional wedding gift which is originally from Guangdong. According to tradition, the giving of wedding cakes by the bridegroom shows that he is respectful and takes his vows seriously. The bridegroom sends marry girl cakes to the bride and her family after the engagement. This "remittance of the big gifts" gwo daai lai seals the engagementThe bride's family will then give them to their relatives to share the happiness and tell them that the wedding is approaching. The cakes are given in packs of four, six or eight pieces, because even numbers in general, and those numbers in particular, are deemed to be auspicious.


Baker Extraordinaire

Cake baker extraordinaire! Laura takes pride in baking cakes to perfection for your enjoyment. Ensuring they taste as good as they look.

Alicia Smith

Bakery Operater

A pancake or hotcake, griddlecake, or flapjack is a flat cake, often thin and round, prepared from a starch-based batter that may contain eggs, milk and butter and cooked on a hot surface such as a griddle or frying pan, often frying with oil or butter. In Britain, pancakes are often unleavened and resemble a crêpe. In North America, a leavening agent is used typically baking powder. American pancakes are similar to Scotch pancakes or drop scones. Archaeological evidence suggests that pancakes were probably the earliest and most widespread cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies.

Sam Walters

Sales Assistant

Muffins in the United States are similar to cupcakes in size and cooking methods, the main difference being that cupcakes tend to be sweet desserts using cake batter and which are often topped with sugar frosting. Muffins are available in both savory varieties, such as cornmeal and cheese muffins, or sweet varieties such as blueberry, chocolate chip, lemon or banana flavours. Muffins are often eaten as a breakfast food. Coffee may be served to accompany muffins. Fresh baked muffins are sold by bakeries, donut shops and some fast food restaurants and coffeehouses.

Jane Blackmoore

Cafe Assistant

Bakers were often part of the guild system, which was well-established by the sixteenth century: master bakers instructed apprentices and were assisted by journeymen. In Amsterdam in 1694, for example, the cake-bakers, pie-bakers, and rusk-bakers separated from an earlier Bread Bakers Guild and formed their own guild, regulating the trade. A fraternity of bakers in London existed as early as 1155, according to records of payments to the Exchequer; the Worshipful Company of Bakers was formed by charters dated 1486, 1569, and 1685. The guild still exists today, with mostly ceremonial and charitable functions. Five bakers have served as lord mayor of London.

Cathy Johnson

Customer Assistant

There are five basic types of pastry a food that combines flour and fat - these are shortcrust pastry, filo pastry, choux pastry, flaky pastry and puff pastry. Two main types of pastry are nonlaminated, when fat is cut or rubbed into the flour, and laminated, when fat is repeatedly folded into the dough using a technique called lamination. An example of a nonlaminated pastry would be a pie or tart crust and brioche. An example of a laminated pastry would be a croissant, danish, or puff pastry. Many pastries are prepared using shortening, a fat food product that is solid at room temperature, the composition of which lends to creating crumbly, shortcrust-style pastries and pastry crusts.


Cake Artist & Tutor

Owner & Cake Artist at MySugarFairy Cakes. Geraldine adores sugar flowers, loves making figures and experimenting with new cake decorating techniques. Loves to share her knowledge and if you are taking one of the classes offered, Geraldine will ensure you get the most from your class.

A regular competitor at Cake International Geraldine has won Gold, Silver and Merits in different categories, since first competing in 2016, Geraldine has taken part in many collaborations with cake friends and made her stage debut in the Cake Off 2018, at Cake International Birmingham, as a member of The Three Sugartiers.  In Nov2019 The Three Sugartiers achieved Gold in the live 2day challenge event in Birmingham.

As an Accredited Cake Minds Teacher Geraldine is dedicated to supporting mindfulness, helping others get enjoyment from sugar craft through small class groups both online and in the classroom.


Also a founding member of The Causeway Sugarcrafters who meet monthly to share ideas and skills with likeminded people.